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Tuesday, March 14th, 2006
12:06 am - Love love love my wonderful friends
Dropped some acid yesterday. Twas intense. I've taken it before but my zoloft always stopped it from really working but I knew we'd be taking it so no zoloft and it was awesome. We got lost while being lost while being lost while being lost while being lost haha it was really weird. And the Harry Potter movie continually evaded us until like eleven at night. Even thought we rented it at three in the afternoon.... Fucking JoAnn's fault. Also found some evil woods while sitting on some hills and getting lost on them for several hours. There was a snake. And the hills were really a hole in a golf course... Smoked massive amounts of amazing weed thanks to Jon and Kato and had really good drinks, courtesy of Brett, the Spring Break bartender.

Work lasted forever today working with fucking incompetent people. Finally was free to eat and nap and then escaped the family clutches to Erik's where Brett was delicious alcohol mad scientist. Fun days. I love these kids.

All in all Spring Break has been exactly as predicted, beyond... everything. Going to Galveston tomorrow, I hope it gets warmer than it was today because I need some UV so I stop looking so pale-ish.

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Thursday, March 9th, 2006
11:40 pm - Caffeine keeps me going, I love my coffee
So now I understand why we never saw/see Brett and Erik very much. Fucking working at a restuarant takes over your life maaaan. I've stayed late both days we've been open, and yes, I have been in the Red suit. It makes your head sweaty. But it's kinda fun to act like an idiot and not have to worry about it cause no one knows who you are. Sort of like being drunk and being dumb and then saying "Oh well I was smaaaashed, man" but instead it's cause you're in a big fucking red suit. Haha. It sucks while you're doing it but then afterwards it's like wow I am going to be rich... cool.
Two kids cried when they saw me, I laughed and walked by a lot.
I didn't even have to hit them or take things from them. Awesome.

Spring Break is going to be beyond... everything

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Monday, March 6th, 2006
11:39 pm - Red Robin Rulers!
Training is finally over!!!! And there has been absolutely no drama which is amazing and way cool. Me and Kat are MVPs haha soo weird and kinda embarassing... but we got flair. Me Andrew and Kat are also so birthday scene, we rule the birthday songs. We can sing, we can sing, oh yes we can.

So I have to be Red the mascot twice this week. Oh boy. They told us at first that we'd get ten bucks for it and I was like hell yes I'll do it, but now we're apparently getting eight which is not near as much intiative as ten was.

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12:18 pm - brett would know
So what kind of doctor do you have to be to perform abortions? Is there a specially trained one? Is it a OB/GYN gone evil? Or is it just so simple to stick a vacuum up there that any kind of doctor can do? Like even a dermatologist?
Kat, if you're reading this while you should be doing English I have two things to say to you.
Bravo to avoiding work.
And ask Brett.

Oh and anyone want to buy me cigs this afternoon? You guys are lovely!

Some kid I gave my number to awhile ago texted me and said
"so yeah rosie anne im totally implying that we should have sex but i'm free before five...just throwing that out there."
Rrright you are... This is some guy that i kind of know but not very well who said he was having a party or something so I gave him my number. I have never talked about sex with him. So I said something kinda flirty but turning down the offer hoping it was just a joke but then he texted me back saying the offer still stood. And the worst part is I'm not so sure if he's kidding or not.... Boys are weird.

I have found the solution to my shit camera problem. I'm stealing my moms. She never uses it. ONLY NINE DAYS TILL THURSDAY AND MINUS THE BEAR OMFGZ!!!!!!

current mood: giggly

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Tuesday, February 28th, 2006
10:51 pm - Boopity boo bop
Me and Andrew are going to Thursday and Minus The Bear!!! Oh yeah, I got us tickets last night. March fifteenth behbay! Fuck yes. You know you're jealous.

Kat and Jon didn't call like they said they would. Surprise... not.

Brett is always so busy and that is saddening.

Me and Andrew are funny.
Trip to the ninety-nine cents store had me in giggles because of this exchange
Me: oh jeez this is a fat people store.
Him: No it's not, every one comes here it's ninety nine cents!
Me: But i just saw like four fatties
Him: There was two. Two does not make it a store of the fat.
Me: (Already giggling) Oh they were so large I thought there was four...

current mood: rejuvenated

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